We enable Dynamics 365 and Power Apps Organisations to bring agility to their projects


Agile Planning

Easy-to-read Kanban boards with multiple grouping and filtering options help to visualize work packages and project tasks. Important information is brought to the surface and makes for easy planning. Tasks can be brought into a temporal context by using sprintsmaking them also interdepended. The timeline provides the big picture view, surfacing planning conflicts, yet flexible enough to allow for immediate changes.  

Transparent Controlling

The specification of plan and budget values ​​in connection with time entries for the actual work done, gives the project manager a powerful controlling instrument. Time and budget are displayed continuously and transparently.  

Effective Collaboration

Project teams receive an effective tool that promotes self-organization and collaboration. Planning the work bindingly in short time slices is made possible by a methodically correct and agile approach. 

Easy Customization

The high level of customization capabilities offers the possibility to create your own dashboards, evaluations and views in order to serve individual requirements without having to forego the advantages of an out-of-the-box solution. The Microsoft Power Platform also offers extensive customization and integration options – right through to mapping individual processes. 


kanDO is based on the Microsoft Power Platform and complements the portfolio of ISV solutions with the most important features for agile project management at enterprise level.

The values generated by the platform are infinite and with kanDO, the power to drive agility in a targeted manner is always at hand.
Agile project management with Power Apps or Dynamics 365 is now possible!

· Simplified data management with Microsoft DataflexPro and the Common Data Model
· Native integrations with Microsoft365, Dynamics365 and Power Apps
· Familiar user experience with Unified Interface
· Easy to implement automations with Power Automate
· Data driven Insights with Power BI

Besides all the values mentioned above one of the most convincing arguments for decision makers should be this: kanDO allows you to make individual customizations to match with your companies proven processes.

Start today and empower your project teams to work even more efficiently in their familiar environment.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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  • IT

  • Civil Engineering

  • Marketing

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  • Product Development


As a longstanding Microsoft Business Applications Partner, we have specialized in project oriented service providers. Our customers are architecture and engineering offices, general planners, project developers, and consulting companies. Project management is one of their core tasks and agility as well as lean management are important new methods for mastering increasing complexity and speed.

Over the years the specific requirements of our customers in the Dynamics 365 world revealed the need for a solution that supports agile project management within the Microsoft ecosystem. Existing tools like MS Project or lately MS Planner however, do not support the methodical approaches of Lean, Scrum, Kanban and Co consistently enough. In addition, requirements based on individual processes with the need for punctual or even extensive customizing are almost impossible to realize.

With this in mind, M&P Business Solutions GmbH developed the kanDO | Agile Projects app. Available for all cloud customers of Dynamics 365 or Power Apps, our subscription based license model allows for an easy entrance into the world of agile project management.

We are continuously working to sharpen existing features, while at the same time investing our energy in adding new functionality for our customers.

Have we sparked your interest – or do you have any questions?

Don´t hesitate to contact one of our experts. We´re looking forward to hearing from you!

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