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What is Agile Design Management?

Agile Design Management is the adaptation of Scrum to the planning phases of building projects. Since the determining factors in the construction industry are fundamentally different than those of Software Development, Agile Design Management is a hybrid of classic phase planning and Scrum.

Agility in this scenario primarily means flexibility in relation to the goal to be achieved. Optimizing the processes itself as with Lean is not the top priority here.

Some key elements of Agile Design Management involve:

The tools used in Agile Design Management enable an eye-catching and transparent view of the planned tasks – e.g. Kanban Boards and the like…  

Thus, this framework and method helps to uncover planning conflicts at a very early stage and ensures the adherence to delivery dates.

How does kanDO | Agile Projects support Agile Design Management?

kanDO | Agile Projects is a software solution that enables Project Mangers and their Teams to successfully facilitate Agile Design Management in the digital age.

After the project setup and the process analysis of the planning phase are complete, project managers can continue with the actual task management in kanDO and begin to create work packages for the different teams.

The timeline displays all work packages in relation to their planning phase. Delivery dates can be determined by simply dragging the different elements from the left onto the timeline canvas. Milestones as defined in the Context Setup are also integrated in the timeline.

Planning conflicts and exceeded deadlines are prominently highlighted. In this case the view has switched to show tasks in relation to their parent work packages.

Work packages and tasks can be managed on the Kanban Board. The many different grouping and filtering options allow for displaying different conditions and leverage the collaboration between the different planning teams (e.g. ARCH, HKLS, ELT etc.).

Creating added value

What is the value of implementing Agile Design Management and supporting in with a software tool like kanDO | Agile Projects?

Check out this article to learn more about Agile Design Management kanDO.

If you want to learn more or speak with one of our experts, we´d be happy to hear from you.

Convince yourself of kanDO

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Streamline your service processes to guarantee customer satisfaction

Organized help-desks make for quality service!

kanDO provides the perfect way to manage your help-desk  more efficiently. Organize and prioritize your customer cases and streamline them along your individual processes to solve your customers problem in due time.

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Manage your marketing activities with ease

Simple planning makes for more creative time!

Campaign planning, event management or just simply managing the everyday workload. kanDO makes it easy for marketing teams to organize their work, collaborate on different tasks and keep track of their activities.

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Civil Engineering

Keep all your project tasks in one place

Agility makes for excellent buildings!

The great need for civil engineering teams, next to a collaborative approach to project work, is to start implementing agile methods along their traditional ways of managing building projects. kanDO serves as the perfect tool to start the journey towards agility.

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Better manage your IT projects

Proper tools make for smooth implementations!

Managing tools or infrastructure for companies requires professional planning. kanDO provides IT teams with valuable tools to maintain their processes and projects so as to stay within time and budget and deliver adequate support.

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Human Resources

Stay on top of your HR workflows

Effective task management makes for more organizational agility!

Recruiting, Onboarding or HR-Development are just a few of the processes personnel managers have to master – often across multiple teams. kanDO helps to bring sanity to the chaos of HR management.

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