Agile Design Management with kanDO | Agile Projects

What is Agile Design Management? Agile Design Management is the adaptation of Scrum to the planning phases of building projects. Since the determining factors in the construction industry are fundamentally different than those of Software Development, Agile Design Management is a hybrid of classic phase planning and Scrum. Agility in this scenario primarily means flexibility […]

Every event is also a project!

A project always has a budget, a certain level of complexity, requires collaboration across teams and should always lead to a measurable result. Same with events or any other complex marketing campaign….

Activate your 14 day kanDO trial

You are unsure how and where to start your trial?
In this short post we explain step by step how to activate your kanDO trial version….

Event management with Dynamics 365 and kanDO | Agile projects

Whenever you want to plan and carry out an event, you face the challenge of bundling the many details of the various areas and preparing them so that everyone involved can work with them. We know from experience that most people know their own tasks very well and perform them professionally. However, it is often […]

kanDO | Agile Projects vs. Microsoft Planner

Everyone is talking about the need to be lean or agile. Many companies release tools that promise to solve all our agility problems. But real agility does not depend on a piece of software, but rather on a method that requires a certain corporate culture. Nevertheless, we are convinced that there are solutions that help […]