Every event is also a project!

A project always has a budget, a certain level of complexity, requires collaboration across teams and should always lead to a measurable result. Same with events or any other complex marketing campaign….

Activate your 14 day kanDO trial

You are unsure how and where to start your trial?
In this short post we explain step by step how to activate your kanDO trial version….

Keeping all channels of communication together

Preparing and executing large projects or events requires a lot of communication. Keeping everyone informed by centrally storing messages and related documents can be a challenge.
Dynamics’ built in integration with Microsoft 365 enables you to keep all communication together by displaying …

Managing events across multiple teams

As soon as a big event is coming up, keeping deadlines and collaborating across teams are vitally important. Booking locations, considering numerous technical aspects or just simply running PR campaigns at the right time. These are just some of the many to-dos that need to be clear in advance. It is the event managers …