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Whenever you want to plan and carry out an event, you face the challenge of bundling the many details of the various areas and preparing them so that everyone involved can work with them.

We know from experience that most people know their own tasks very well and perform them professionally. However, it is often not the case that the different teams know what the others are doing and to what extent this affects their own work. What is missing is the overall overview of the operational activities of event planning and execution.

Dynamics 365 Marketing offers event managers ideal tools to plan an event. Be it through automated campaigns in the run-up to an event, the planning of the agenda including the speakers and rooms, the management of registrations and participants or the integration with webinar providers to carry out online and live stream events.

kanDO perfectly complements these planning tools with professional task management to map the operative part directly in Dynamics 365. In this way, you allow your project teams to organize themselves and work together on the various work packages and tasks on a sustainable basis.

Added Value

It´s that easy

1. Automatically create a context for your event
2. You can then conveniently create and manage all work packages and tasks via the Kanban Board
3. On the timeline you get an overview of all important deadlines and milestones. The successful implementation of an event depends largely on the compliance with various dates in the run-up to the event!
4. By integrating with Microsoft 365, you´ll display the communication with project teams, service providers, speakers, etc. in a comprehensible manner directly on work packages and tasks
5. You always wanted to know how much effort the planning and execution of an event actually generates? The time entry feature in kanDO enables team members to record the hours they have worked on work packages and tasks. At the event itself, you can display the total amount of effort generated

Convince yourself of kanDO

Try the kanDO demo. No installation, no costs. Just right click on the button and off you go.

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Streamline your service processes to guarantee customer satisfaction

Organized help-desks make for quality service!

kanDO provides the perfect way to manage your help-desk  more efficiently. Organize and prioritize your customer cases and streamline them along your individual processes to solve your customers problem in due time.

How kanDO can help Service Teams


Manage your marketing activities with ease

Simple planning makes for more creative time!

Campaign planning, event management or just simply managing the everyday workload. kanDO makes it easy for marketing teams to organize their work, collaborate on different tasks and keep track of their activities.

How kanDO can help Marketing Teams

Civil Engineering

Keep all your project tasks in one place

Agility makes for excellent buildings!

The great need for civil engineering teams, next to a collaborative approach to project work, is to start implementing agile methods along their traditional ways of managing building projects. kanDO serves as the perfect tool to start the journey towards agility.

How kanDO can help Civil Engineering Teams


Better manage your IT projects

Proper tools make for smooth implementations!

Managing tools or infrastructure for companies requires professional planning. kanDO provides IT teams with valuable tools to maintain their processes and projects so as to stay within time and budget and deliver adequate support.

How kanDO can help IT Teams

Human Resources

Stay on top of your HR workflows

Effective task management makes for more organizational agility!

Recruiting, Onboarding or HR-Development are just a few of the processes personnel managers have to master – often across multiple teams. kanDO helps to bring sanity to the chaos of HR management.

How kanDO can help Human Resources Teams