Why kanDO and not Microsoft Planner?

kanDO does not compete with Microsoft Planner when it comes to managing a handful of tasks on a simple Kanban Board. kanDO enables project managers to handle a large numbers of tasks on different levels. kanDO allows users to create hierarchies between differen task types and set them into a temporal context using Sprints, thus supporting agile methods.

Why kanDO and not the Dynamics 365 Kanban View?

The Dynamics 365 Kanban View does not support agile methods at all, other than simply displaying tasks on a Kanban Board.

Can kanDO be adapated to individual processes?

Since kanDO is built on the Power Platform it is highly customziable and can even be extended to support individual processes.

What is the advantage of task management in a Power App?

kanDO is built on the Microsoft Power Platform. Therefore kanDO enables users to use proven UI concepts, business logics and native integrations to other Microsoft products like Office365.

Does kanDO only work in combination with a Dynamics 365 license?

No. A PowerApp licenses for a single App is the minimum requirement.


How can kanDO be installed?

kanDO can be installed right from Microsoft App-Source into any CDS or Dynamics 365 environment.

Is there a free trial version of kanDO?

Yes! Once kanDO is installed, a 14-day free trial is activated.

What is the cancelation period for a kanDO Subscription?

kanDO subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Does kanDO Support other languages than german?

Yes. kanDO is available in english and german.

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