Managing events across multiple teams

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Great events fail because of poor preparation!

As soon as a big event is coming up, keeping deadlines and collaborating across teams are vitally important. Booking locations, considering numerous technical aspects or just simply running PR campaigns at the right time. These are just some of the many to-dos that need to be clear in advance. It is the event managers task to create workpackges and break them down into tasks so that every team knows what it´s supposed to do. The biggest challenge then is to create a comprehensive overall picture. When information is not passed on or gets lost even the simplest things are destined to fail. It is therefor important for teams not to work isolated from each other but rather to always keep an eye on what everyone else is doing.

Are you thinking of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Planner?

At this point many would turn to Microsoft Planner to support their event planning in Dynamics 365 with a task engine to manage tasks and corresponding responsibilities. But this would not necessarily solve the issue of providing a central yet at the same time dedicated view on every teams corresponding tasks. Every team would have to create it´s own Plan to manage their workload. This would be prone to error and somewhat confusing on the one hand while creating unnecessary administrative work on the other (e.g. Office Groups, Notifications, User-management etc.)

Start Using kanDO!

kanDO enables you to plan and execute big events across multiple teams. You can add one or more team members to a given work package or task to highlight responsibilities.

Tipp: Use the iterations in the context to clearly delimit work packages and tasks according to the different teams!

To do this, simply create new iterations in the settings area of ​​the context and name them after the respective teams.

Since the iterations are not used in their conventional sense in this case, you do not need a start and end date. Unless, for example, they have specific periods of time in which the different teams participate in the event.

Now you can filter for the individual teams in the Kanban Board as well as in the timeline and have the corresponding tasks displayed.

In order to see all the tasks of all teams, you can easily display all iterations and thus have an overview of the current status of planning / execution.

You can also use iterations sensibly, even if a project or event is not divided into phases in the traditional sense. In addition, you keep the tag function free to provide individual tasks with other important markers.

Convince yourself of kanDO

Try the kanDO demo. No installation, no costs. Just right click on the button and off you go.

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Streamline your service processes to guarantee customer satisfaction

Organized help-desks make for quality service!

kanDO provides the perfect way to manage your help-desk  more efficiently. Organize and prioritize your customer cases and streamline them along your individual processes to solve your customers problem in due time.

How kanDO can help Service Teams


Manage your marketing activities with ease

Simple planning makes for more creative time!

Campaign planning, event management or just simply managing the everyday workload. kanDO makes it easy for marketing teams to organize their work, collaborate on different tasks and keep track of their activities.

How kanDO can help Marketing Teams

Civil Engineering

Keep all your project tasks in one place

Agility makes for excellent buildings!

The great need for civil engineering teams, next to a collaborative approach to project work, is to start implementing agile methods along their traditional ways of managing building projects. kanDO serves as the perfect tool to start the journey towards agility.

How kanDO can help Civil Engineering Teams


Better manage your IT projects

Proper tools make for smooth implementations!

Managing tools or infrastructure for companies requires professional planning. kanDO provides IT teams with valuable tools to maintain their processes and projects so as to stay within time and budget and deliver adequate support.

How kanDO can help IT Teams

Human Resources

Stay on top of your HR workflows

Effective task management makes for more organizational agility!

Recruiting, Onboarding or HR-Development are just a few of the processes personnel managers have to master – often across multiple teams. kanDO helps to bring sanity to the chaos of HR management.

How kanDO can help Human Resources Teams